Sunday, 14 January 2018


Hullo, my together readers.

Today I am featuring Arise, Gerzzo @ ULTRA, Milk Tea @ Seasons Story, Ionic @ The Chapter Four and Runaway.

For more information on the lingerie by Milk Tea, click here.
To see the full sized gacha key, for Stories from the City by Ionic, click here.

I hope you enjoy today's kitchen look.


Emma is wearing...
Hair: [RA] Karima Hair - Blondes
Eyeshadow: .ARISE. Shenna Makeup Set CATWA HUD @ ULTRA
Lipstick: .ARISE. Shenna Makeup Set CATWA HUD @ ULTRA
Lingerie: Milk Tea: Touch of Snow - Black/Pink V1&2 (Applier) @ Seasons Story

Emma is pictured with...
Stove /w jars: Gerzzo Antique Stove Aqua @ ULTRA

Ionic– Stories from the City @ The Chapter Four
House: ionic : Stories from Home RARE
Lamp: ionic : Celing lamp
Kitchen bench: ionic : Marble & Wood Kitchen
Art:  ionic : Stories From the Mountain (Frames)
Pot /w accessories: ionic : Let's make Pasta!
Groceries /w apples: ionic : Groceries , apples and water
Dish rack: ionic :  Dish drainer
Teapot: ionic : Infusion of Flowers

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

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