Thursday, 12 October 2017

Losing All Sense

Hullo, my found readers.

Today I am featuring Boutique #187, I<3F, ZOZ, RedFish @ Black Fair, Runaway @ The Nightmare, Serenity Style, Chez Moi @ Deco(c)rate, Ionic @ The Chapter Four and Persefona @ Cosmopolitan.

From the Black Fair, I am wearing glasses from Boutique #187. The top and shorts combo is from I<3F. It's made for Maitreya. There is a color HUD included that changes the shorts, blouse and button colors. The nail polish is from ZOZ. It's made for Maitreya, Omega, Slink, Vista Bento and ZOZ mesh. The leg tattoo is from RedFish. The tattoo also includes a back piece. There are two shades. I am wearing the faded version.

I am also wearing hair from Runaway @ The Nightmare. There is a hat version and non hat version included. The color HUD includes hair colors, hair tie colors, plus four styling options.

I am pictured with two amazing items from this months Deco(c)rate mystery box. From Serenity Style I have pictured the outdoor bench seat, with autumn leaves. Please note, the pose is not in the seat. In the background you'll see the picnic table and gazebo from Chez Moi. For more details on October's Deco(c)rate, click here.

Also pictured is the rare house and the lamp posts from the Espirita Gacha from Ionic @ The Chapter Four. For a detailed promotional picture of the rare, click here.

I finished the scene with rezable Autumn leaves from Persefona @ Cosmopolitan. There are a number of different types to create any wind blown scene you can imagine. They include a resize and color HUD.

I hope you enjoy today's Autumn look.


Emma is wearing...
Hair: [RA] Wicca Hair – Blondes @ The Nightmare
Glasses: #187# Grid Glasses Black @ Black Fair
Top + Shorts: [I<3F] Outfit [03] - Maitreya @ Black Fair
Nail polish: {ZOZ} Dark Beauty Polish (Maitreya) HUD @ Black Fair
Leg tattoo: RedFish - Naory Tattoo @ Black Fair

Emma is pictured with...
Autumn leaves: Persefona Autumn Leaves 6 (fatpack) rez 3LI @ Cosmopolitan

Serenity Style - Raven Dream in the Porch  @ Deco(c)rate
Leaves: Serenity Style-Raven Dream in the Porch- Flying Leaves
Bench: Serenity Style-Raven Dream in the Porch- Bench

Chez Moi - Fall Picnic Table @ Deco(c)rate
Picnic Table:Fall Picnic Table (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Gazebo: Gazebo Fall CHEZ MOI

Ionic – Espirita @ The Chapter Four
House: ionic : Espirita Mansion RARE
Lamp post: ionic : 19th Century Street Lamp

[Please note: Brand names link to their main store. Please use event link, if there is one.]

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