Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Summertime Is In Our Hands

Hullo, my shy readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ Hair Fair, Rust Republic @ Cosmopolitan, KraftWork @ Knot & Co, MudHoney and Aria @ Summerfest, unKindness @ Gacha Guardians and 7 Emporium.

I am wearing hair from Runaway @ Hair Fair. The top and jeans are from Rust Republic @ Cosmopolitan. They're made for Belleza and Maitreya. The top comes in six colors. The jeans come in five colors.

I am pictured with the Burger Shack from KraftWork @ Knot & Co. It includes the surfboards, chair and inside furnishings. The building seats up to four people, The tap with puddle is a group gift available in the KraftWork main store. The group has a L$25 join fee. There are a number of stylish gifts available.

From Summerfest I have pictured the chair, towel and side table from MudHoney. They include texture changers. The outdoor shower, plus hanging towels are from Aria. The shower has singles and couples animations.

The rock landscaping is from unKindness @ Gacha Guardians. For a full list of the items used, please see below. To see the full gacha key, click here. I finished the scene with the boombox from 7 Emporium.

I hope you enjoy today's Burger Shack look.


Emma is wearing...
Hair: [RA] Ellie Hair @ Hair Fair
Top: RUST REPUBLIC [KITTEN] top Maitreya White @ Cosmopolitan
Jeans: RUST REPUBLIC [KITTEN] JEANS Maitreya Light Blue @ Cosmopolitan

Emma is pictured with...
Burger Shack: KraftWork Beach Burger Shack @ Knot & Co
Tap: KraftWork - Water on Tap - Middle Aged [Group Gift]
Boombox: 7 – RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard

Aria - Dominique Outdoor Shower @ Summerfest
Rack /w towels: ARIA - Dominique Towel Hanger
Shower: ARIA - Dominique Outdoor Shower (PG)

MudHoney - Mel Beach Set @ Summerfest
Yellow chair: MudHoney Mel Beach Chair - Texture Change
Yellow table: MudHoney Mel Table - Texture Change
Towel: MudHoney Mel Towel - Texture Change

unKindness - Little Oasis Gacha @ Gacha Guardians
Rock stack: uK - Little Oasis Tower Rock Gray
Rock /w waterfall: uK - Little Oasis Curved Falls Gray RARE
Rock pile: uK - Little Oasis Rock Shelf Gray

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