Sunday, 6 November 2016

It's Alright

Hullo, my alright readers.

Today I am featuring Runaway @ TLC, Indulge Temptation @ Marvelous Monthly and The Old Fair, Milk Tea @ The Gacha Garden, Verocity @ Hello Tuesday, Heart Homes, Ionic, 7 Emporium and SPELL.

I am wearing gorgeous new hair from Runaway @ The Liaison Collaborative from November 7. There are seven color packs available and you get three versions, with and without materials enabled. Indulge Temptation have created the eye shadow, available @ Marvelous Monthly and the lipstick, available @ The Old Fair. Both are for CatWa mesh heads. The lingerie is from Milk Tea @ The Gacha Garden. There are four rares, two commons and two seeds of inspiration available. For details on The Gacha Garden event, see their website.

I am pictured with the Modern Fall Living Room Set @ Heart Homes. For a full list of the items used, please see below. I've also used a number of decorative items from gachas available @ Ionic. Also the broken clock, now serving sign and mini jukebox @ 7 Emporium. Plus items from the Mystic gacha @  SPELL.

I am posed by Verocity @ Hello Tuesday. There are six poses, with mirrored version included.

I hope you enjoy today's lounge room look.


Emma is wearing...
Hair: [RA] Nora Hair - Blondes @ TLC Coming November 7, 2016
Forehead jewelry:  SPELL :  Third eye Moon {silver} L$80 per play
Eye shadow: !IT! – Seduction Eyeshadows HUD 3 @ Marvelous L$150
Lipstick: !IT! – Latex Love Lipstick 5 @ The Old Fair L$99
Lingerie: Milk Tea: Lottie - White Floral RARE 1 @ The Gacha Garden L$50 per play

Emma is posed by...
Solo: Verocity - Roxy 5M @ Hello Tuesday L$35 (50% off)

Emma is pictured with...
Heart Homes - Modern Fall - living room set - PG L$950
Arm chair: <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall"
Lamp: <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" Standing Lamp A
Sofa: <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" Double Sofa PG
Table: <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" living room set -  PG
Vase: <HEART HOMES> modern vases set

House: Ionic . Dreamers Cottage RARE L$90 per play
Blankets: *Ionic* Hanging blankets L$90 per play
Clock: 7 Emporium – Broken Clock L$100
Serving: 7 Emporium - Now Serving 2 L$100
Leaves: *Ionic* Sprial leaf L$90 per play
Jukebox: 7 Emporium – Mini Music II Jukebox L$150
Stones:  SPELL : Gemstones Wooden Box L$80 per play
Origami Birdcage:  SPELL : Origami Birdcage RARE L$80 per play

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