Tuesday, 4 October 2016

One in a Million

Hullo, my million readers.

Today I am featuring Salt & Pepper @ The Gacha Guardians, Le Poppycock @ U L T R A, 7 Emporium, Runaway and unKindness. Plus the announcement of the October group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife.

Salt & Pepper have created an amazingly spooky set for the new round of The Gacha Guardians. You could win rare rideable spiders or the full outfit in black. Plus the choker, pasties, corset, panties and boots in a number of colors or even spider companions. For the gift of the guardians you'll receive animated spider legs that are worn on the back. Please see the gacha key for all the items.

Also pictured; hair from Runaway. The pose is from Le Poppycock @ U L T R A. There are lots of fashion forward poses, plus wall and floor props to go with each. There are two pose sets available with 6 poses in each. Plus soda vending machine @ 7 Emporium and the rare always open sign from the SRS gacha @ unKindness.

It's time to announce the group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife. For October I have chosen [.....focus is easy when you're looking in the right direction] by Stella Mahogany. Stella creates dark, moody, sexy, beautiful and creative images. Make sure to follow and fave her work. Please take the time to view all the images in today's countdown, the artists are sublime.

I hope you enjoy today's Sounds of Secondlife look.


Emma is wearing...
Hair: [RA] Maggie Hair – Blondes L$275

Salt & Pepper - Arachnophilia Gacha @ The Gacha Guardians L$75 per play
Choker: S&P Arachnophilia Choker black
Pasties: S&P Arachnophilia Pasties Lara silver
Corset: S&P Arachnophilia Corset Lara black
Panties: S&P Arachnophilia Panties Lara black
Boots: S&P Arachnophilia Boot Lara black

Emma is posed by...
Pose + Prop: Le Poppycock-Feel it @ U L T R A L$199

Emma is pictured with...
Soda machine: 7 – Pop Machine L$250
Sign: uK -SRS Always Open RARE  L$75 per play

Top 10 Songs
10. Maneesh de Moor - 04 - Morning Praise - Om Deeksha
9. Hraach - Dle Yaman
8. Riren - Young and Beautiful
7.  The Shires - I Just Wanna Love You.
6. The Weeknd - The Hills
5. Jazz Woman vocals Sleeping playlist
4. Kovacs - Diggin
3. Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
2. The Kooks - Bad Habit
1. Aaliyah - One in a Million

Top 10 Image & Artist
10.  o w e n ₪ c a n n -   L E T • Y O U R • H E A R T • S P E A K
9. cocolinox decuir - M ᴏ ʟ ʟ ᴇ ʜ
8.  Kotori Amakura - We live our story together...and I will still love you when you´re no longer young and beautiful...when there is nothing left than your aching soul.
7.  Fingol GreyHaven-Guena ♡ - ♡ I Just Wanna Love You ♡
6.  Fernando Sebastian Santucci - I'm waiting for a sequel...
5.  may_hime - I've Got You Under My Skin
4.  _Michelle Halster_ - 141 "Diggin"
3. Curtis Trevellion  - You Make Me Feel...
2. Asier Mars - Bad Habit
1. **Stellagraphics** Stella Mahogany[.....focus is easy when you're looking in the right direction]

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