Thursday, 20 October 2016


Hullo, my clear readers.

Today I am featuring 7 Deadly Skin, Iconic and Kaithleen's @ Haus of Swag, Serenity Style and Aphrodite Shop @ Tres Chic and Frozen @ Cosmopolitan.

The Haus of Swag Fair will be opening on October 21, 2016. This amazing event, run by WeDo SL Events is sure to rock your world. I am wearing skin from 7 Deadly Skins. The skin has dark brows only and is available in a number of tones. The hair is from Iconic. There are two versions included, plus add on bangs. The top and bodysuit are from Kaithleen's. They're made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

I am pictured with items from the Horn Lake set by Serenity Style @ Tres Chic. The full set includes working rocking chair with and without blankets, chestnut sack, pot, bucket, a child friendly rocking chair and a texture change HUD for the chairs.

Also in the background you'll see the TERRA rustic Fall dining room set from Aphrodite Shop @ Tres Chic. The bench is available separately and comes in a PG and Adult version. For a full list of the included items, see below.

I am posed by Frozen @ Cosmopolitan. Get there quick, you have one day to go before the new round will be set up. You get six poses, paintbrushes, paint can and a paint texture.

I hope you enjoy today's moving look.


Emma is wearing...
Skin: [7DS] - Omega face -VISION Cotton Candy @ HoS Coming October 21
Hair: ICONIC: DINA - Bombshells @ HoS Coming October 21
Top: Kaithleen's Crop Top - Fatpack Maitreya @ HoS Coming October 21
Bodysuit: Kaithleen's Bodysuit Maitreya @ HoS Coming October 21

Emma is posed by...
Pose: Frozen - Paint Brush Poses @ Cosmopolitan L$170

Emma is pictured with...
Serenity Style - Horn Lake Set @ Tres Chic L$599
Rocking chair: Serenity Style- Horn Lake Rocking Chair
Bucket: Serenity Style- Horn Lake rust bucket
Pot: Serenity Style- Horn Lake Grandma's Recipe Pot
Bag of chestnuts: Serenity Style- Horn Lake Chestnuts sack

Aphrodite Shop - Terra Rustic Fall Dinning Room Set @ Tres Chic L$975
Cabinet: Aphrodite Wooden Cabinet
Rack: Aphrodite House Rack
Hope art: Aphrodite Hope deco word
Mirror: Aphrodite deco mirror
Pumpkins: Aphrodite deco pumpkins
Table: Aphrodite Terra Rustic dining room set
Candle: Aphrodite Small Deco Candleholder
Table runner: Aphrodite optional runner
Bowl: Aphrodite deco bowl
Chandelier: Aphrodite on/off Chandelier
Chair 1: Aphrodite Wooden Chair
Chair 2: Aphrodite Wooden Chair- Tex changer

Bench: Aphrodite couples Wooden Bench PG - Tex changer @ Tres Chic L$480


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