Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Les Deux Pianos

Hullo, my creative readers.

I know I don't normally double post in a day but it's time to announce the group cover for my Flickr group, Sounds of Secondlife.

Sounds of Secondlife is for Secondlife pictures that are inspired by music. There must be a link to the song or lyrics from the song to be added to the pool. There are now over 5,700 pics in the group, which means, there are that many amazing songs to be heard! ^^

The July group cover goes to one of my favorite Secondlife photographers, Charlie Namiboo, with her image [remember, you are the one who can fill the world with sunshine … ♪♫]. Charlie creates the most exquisite images. Not only can she capture humans in their best light but she has taken some of the most amazing landscape pictures I've seen. A true artist that needs to be viewed by all. Get to it!!

It's always hard to pick a group cover because of the overwhelming amount of creative pictures added. So please check out my nine other favorite images for the month.

I hope you enjoy our cheeky look @ Sounds of Secondlife.


Top 10 Songs
10. Maldito - Alone Made Of Ice
9. Sorrow - My Love
8. Meg Myers - Monster
7. Blu-Swing - Horizon
6. Ian Britt - Shape of us
5. David Bowie - Crystal Japan
4. Woodkid - Iron
3. Demi Lovato - Confident
2. The Phantom Of The Opera
1. Yann Tiersen - Les Deux Pianos

Top 10 Artist & Image
10.  Rღse - ... my favorite place to hide ...
9.  Maxie DaviauFeels Right
8.  Sadystika Sabretooth - monster
7.  may_hime - Horizon
6.  Elizabeth FYB - ShapeOfUs+GoodDaysChallenge#2
5.  ♥ Kait ♥ - Crystal Japan
4.  cocolinox decuirEastariu @ Hazardous
3.  Kotori AmakuraThis is our game and you better come to play....
2.  Goizane - The Phantom Of The Opera
1. Charlie Namiboo[remember, you are the one who can fill the world with sunshine … ♪♫]

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