Thursday, 12 May 2016

Drink Alone

Hullo, my rock 'n' roll readers.

Today I am featuring Glint and Posh Pixels @ Penumbra, Circa @ Swank, Runaway @ Hairology and Kaerri.

I am showcasing two designers at the upcoming Penumbra event, opening May 14. The necklace I'm wearing is from Glint. The romper I'm wearing is part of a set from Posh Pixels, that comes with the pictured romper and sunglasses. Plus sheer jacket, necklace and slink high shoes. (not pictured)

The two storey house is new @ Kaerri. There is a furnished and unfurnished one available. The unfurnished house did come with some bathroom fittings, kitchen bench and lights. They can be removed or moved as you please. Inside the house, I am pictured with some very cool items from Circa @ Swank. The table and chairs come in a set and there are 9 color sets to choose from. The table and chairs both have animations. There are lots of chalk board art available. You can get various cocktail or coffee designs.

To complete the look, I am wearing hair from Runaway @ Hairology. There are 8 color packs available and a demo at the event.

I hope you enjoy today's rockin' look.


Emma is wearing...
Hair: [RA] Sophie Hair – Blondes @ Hairology L$275
Sunglasses: {POSH PIXELS} Dior Sunglasses - Rose @ Penumbra COMING SOON
Necklace: GLINT Leather N Platinum DJ Necklace @ Penumbra COMING SOON
Romper: {POSH PIXELS} Dior Complete - Rose @ Penumbra COMING SOON

Emma is pictured with...
Houses: Kaerri Rothko House Unfurnished L$745
Chairs: [CIRCA] - "Cafe Volo" Tall Seat A - Teal/Teak (16 pos) @ Swank L$300 in set
Table: [CIRCA] - "Cafe Volo" Tall Table - Teak/Teal (15 pos) @ Swank L$300 in set
Wall Art 1: [CIRCA] - Cocktail Chalk Art - Sign - "Captain & Coke" @ Swank L$100
Wall Art 2: [CIRCA] - Cocktail Chalk Art - Sign - "Passionfruit Mojito" @ Swank L$100

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