Thursday, 5 May 2016

Catch My Disease

Hullo, my secret readers.

I don't normally post twice in one day but time sensitive item is time sensitive. So, I am showcasing a dress from Salt & Pepper for the Midnight Madness event. Add to that a handful of freebies @ The Chapter Four including items from Random Matter, Glam Affair, .tree, Belle Epoque, Chez Moi, C'est la vie, zerkalo and Le Poppycock. Plus gacha items from Glam Affair, Tannhauser, Kalopsia, ionic and Keke.

The Midnight Madness event runs on the first Friday of every month. It's an aaaaaamazing and sometimes chaotic event where each designer sets out a limited edition gift for the first 1500 visitors. A prize goes up at midnight and midday SLT. This round the prize will be available for a small price once all the free copies are claimed. For full details check out their website. This event is a very limited time only event, running on 6 - 7 May, 2016. You can get the dress I'm wearing from midnight @ Salt & Pepper. A light version will be available at midday.

Other items I am pictured with can be found at The Chapter Four. It's an anniversary round and almost every creator has set out a wonderful gifty. Also, I have peppered the picture with gacha items also found at this round of TCF. For full details see below.

I hope you enjoy our second look for the day. ^^


Emma is wearing...
Dress: S&P Dress Bella MM night LIMITED TIME ONLY - Midnight Madness L$0/Free

Emma is pictured with...
The Chapter Four Anniversary Gifts - L$0/Free

Deer: .random.Matter. - Hartley Deer Candle - Rose [White] [L]
Clutch on piano: Glam Affair - Flaming Feathers Clutch
Small Rug: .tree {boho stacked rugs} Happy Anniversary! TCF Gift
Hat: Belle Epoque { Hat } Yellow
Cake: CHEZ MOI Ice Cream Cake
Purse on table: ::C'est la vie !:: Alette purse
Rolled Pillow: [ zerkalo ] Grand White Loveseat Roll Pillow
Pose: Le Poppycock - Be a flirt

The Chapter Four Gacha Area / L$50 - L$100 per play

Flamingo Rug: Glam Affair - Colors! Flamingos Carpet
Basket: TANNHAUSER - Basket wine
Table: Kalopsia - Emily's Vanity Table RARE
Mirror: Kalopsia - Emily's Mirror
Chair: [ keke ] desk chair
Nail Polish Tray: Kalopsia - Emily's Nailpolish Tray
Plant: Kalopsia - Emily's Hanging Planter
Cactus:[ keke ] flower cactus
Love Lamp: Glam Affair - Colors! LOVE Lamp RARE
Light Tree: ionic - where is my light tree?
Sofa: Glam Affair - Colors! Flamingos Carpet

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