Thursday, 28 January 2016


Hullo, my irresistible readers.

Today I'm featuring items from Indecent Exposure in store and on the Depraved Nation hunt. Plus furniture from unKindness @ The Liaison Collaborative, Lost & Found and Wayward Winter. Also pose and prop from Luanes World.

From Indecent Exposure I'm wearing their new outfit Milkee, available in store now. There are six colors available and it comes with system layers and Omega applier. While you're in store why not try hunting down this fun uni-sex tattoo in the Depraved Nation Hunt starting February 1.

I am pictured with lots of amazing items made by unKindness. First the vintage set is available @ Lost & Found. Each piece can be purchased seperately or grab the full set for only L$500. The Moroccan themed items are featured @ TLC. The bench seat comes in PG or Adult versions. The pretty sparkly tree is available @ Wayward Winter. All these events will be wrapping up in a few days so put your shopping shoes on and get to it. ^^

The pose I'm using is from Luanes World @ Pose Lover Event. Make sure you get to this event before it wraps up at the end of the month. There are a handful of freebies available for Pose Lovers Event group members.

I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Lingerie: Indecent Exposure - Milkee L$100 per color
Tattoo: Indecent Exposure Crown The Empire Tattoo in the Depraved Nation Hunt COMING FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Emma is posed by...
Pose: :LW: Poses - Being positive - Unisex @ Pose Lover Event L$69
Emma is posed with...
Pillow Drawer: uK - La Vintage Pillow Drawer @ Lost & Found L$125
Pillow + Lace: uK - La Vintage Pillow Stack w/Lace @ Lost & Found L$100
Tree: uk - Lovelace Indoor Trees @ Wayward Winter  L$199
Lamp: uK - La Vintage Lamp @ Lost & Found L$125
Hamsa: uK- Cast iron Hamsa @ TLC L$125 for the set
Lotus: uK- Cast Iron Lotus @ TLC L$125 for the set
Elephant: uK- Cast Iron Elephant @ TLC L$125 for the set
Bench Seat: uk - Old World Patio Bench ADULT @ TLC L$225
Cabinet Seat: uK - La Vintage Pillow Seat @ Lost & Found L$150
Pillow Pile: uK - La Vintage Pillow Stack @ Lost & Found L$100

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