Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hullo, my defiant readers.

Today I'm featuring items from Indecent Exposure @ The Thrift Shop and unKindness @ The Gacha Garden and FaMESHed.

Indecent Exposure have whipped up this snuggly sweater for The Thrift Shop - Winter Edition. The event will be running from November 8 - 29. For more information about the event head on over to the Depraved Nation website.

There are so many goodies from unKindness I don't even know where to start. ^^ I am featuring a number of items from the In the Bayou Gacha Set @ The Gacha Garden. If you play the gacha machine 20 times you will recieve the Seed of Inspiration gift, an adorable blue boat. More details on the items I used below.

Also from unKindness @ FaMESHed the perfect addition to any garden, the StiKs Lights. There are four different types available and they are 7 land impact each with copy/mod permissions. You can purchase them separately or as a set.

I hope you enjoy today's goodies.


Emma is wearing...
Head: [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head L$2,500
Sweater: IE - Commando Sweater @ The Thrift Shop Available November 8

Emma is posed with...
Stick Lights: uk - StiKs Lights _ Mossy Wood @ FaMESHed L199 each or L$599 full set

uk - In the Bayou Gacha @ The Gacha Garden L$50 per play
Dock: uK- In the Bayou Crumbling Dock RARE
Crab Trap: uK- In the Bayou Crab Trap & Crabs Green
Junk Pile: uK- In the Bayou Junk Pile 3
Junk Pile: uK- In the Bayou Junk Pile 2
Tree: uK- In the Bayou Cypress 1
Large Shack: uK- In the Bayou Swamp Shack RARE
Shack: uK- In the Bayou Common Shack
Wood Pillars: uK- In the Bayou Swamp Stumps 1
Boat: uK- In the Bayou Fishing Boat SoI

Monday, 2 November 2015


Hullo, my casual readers.

Today I'm featuring Della Personi and the gorgeous Kirsten mesh head from GA.EG

The outfit I'm wearing is a new release at Della Personi. You get the mesh coat in 5 sizes and an Omega HUD with four pretty colors for the top and skirt.

If you've been waiting for the GA.EG Kirsten Mesh Head to be Omega compatible, the wait is over! You can pick up the Omega System Relay from the GA.EG store or in the Omega Store.

I captured today's image at Elysion. I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Head: [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head L$2,500
Outfit: Della Personi Julie - MiniDress L$199


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Tell Your Friends

Hullo, my friendly readers.

It's time for the announcement of the Sounds of Secondlife group cover for November. Also featuring cool stuff from Clustered. @ Sad November.

This month we are graced with a stunning image from Akool titled Give me fire.... He has an amazing avatar, superb taste and styling and creates images that are stunning beyond words. Make sure you check out his high quality work. ^^ Also check out the other artists in today's countdown. All their images are inspired by amazing tunes and we want to share those with you. =)

The items in the picture are from  Clustered. @ Sad November. I wasn't able to get into the event to give you more info but as I have seen the items close up I can tell you they're stylish, low land impact and something every one needs. Good luck getting into the event. ^^

Don't miss your chance to catch me at the Trashy Whore Trailer Park Halloween Party. Today 5 pm - 7 pm SLT. There will be lots of fun stuff, sexy stuff and stuff to be won! Get stuffed with me. *giggles n winks*

I hope you enjoy today's look. ^^


Top 10 Tunes
10. Digital Daggers - The Devil Within
9. Seal - Crazy
8. Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again
7. Burzum - Blóðstokkinn (Soaked in Blood)
6. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
5. Bob Marley and The Wailers - Don't Rock My Boat
4. Cheap Trick - The Flame
3. Ben Howard - Am I in your light
2. Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
1. The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends

Top 10 Artists & Images
10.  Goldie Blindside♫The Devil WIthin-Digital Daggers
9.  Erika Xaron - 371 Crazy sometimes
8.  Amy Beebe - Do It Again
7.  * Nathaniel Jehangir * - Blóðstokkinn
6.  Joel/Wicked Game Style{ Fight Song }
5.  June Fallon204 please don't rock my boat
4.  Ayla Barzane - The Flame
3.  Syn Beresford - Am I In Your Light
2.  iris deverauxSoυl Iɴмαтe
1. Akool - Give me fire...

Emma is pictured with...
Clustered. Westbrook Collection. @ Sad November

Desk: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. desk
Book: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. Pens & A Notebook
Spray Cans: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. spray cans
Chair: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. Chair
Shoe Box: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. The shoe box
House: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. gloomy house
Plant: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. La plante Morte
Rug: Clustered. Westbrook Collection.  cosey rug
Heater: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. Cosey heater
Deer: Clustered. Westbrook Collection. deer