Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sunny Afternoon

Hullo, my sun soaked readers.

Today I'm featuring Striped Mocha @ ROMP,  unKindness @ The Seasons Story + LTD: The Event and Indecent Exposure.

From Indecent Exposure I'm wearing their adorable new knotted mesh top which will be in store this week. The three shirts that will be available are pictured above in the white shot, all of the sayings are just a lil bit cuuuuute. ^^

ROMP is only a few days away from ending, so hurry down there before you miss out on this fun adult reclaimed wood bench seat from Striped Mocha. There are solo sits, couples cuddles and adult animations. The bench is also available in a PG version. Plus, they have a fire basket and lantern also available. (Not pictured)

From unKindess I am featuring a whole stack of amazing decorative items. The fence and tub are available at The Seasons Story - Autumn until October 31st. The fence is available in two version light or dark. The tub is filled with pillows and is free. Aren't the crew at unKindness so kind to us. ^^

The unKindness decorative boats are available at LTD: The Event, which runs until October 26. I only have a small pond on a parcel with very limited prims but I was able to resize the boats down to only 3 prims. So these are perfect for anyone who wants a lil decoration to their water.

I captured the image at the all new Deelights Resort. Grab some friends and come and explore the adult wonders that await. I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Top: Indecent Exposure - Knotted Tops - Blk Eyeliner Blk Coffee Coming Soon

Emma is pictured with...
Bench: striped mocha - reclaimed wood bench ADULT L$260 @ ROMP
Tub: uk - Comfort Tubby - Autumn *TSS GIFT* L$0/Free @ The Seasons Story - Autumn
Fence: uK - Country Fence Light L$199 @ The Seasons Story - Autumn
Decorative boats: uk - Forgotten Summer Boats  L$225 @ LTD: The Event

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