Monday, 19 October 2015

My Heart is Broken

Hullo, my broken readers.

Today I'm featuring the new gacha set by 7mad;Ravens for TAG! Gacha - The Haunted Mortuary and dress from Della Personi.

Della Personi have released a stunning new dress. The corset is mesh and the skirt is applied using the omega applier, plus a skirt panel. You get 5 gorgeous colors.

From 7mad;Ravens I'm pictured with a number of items from their new gacha set, Poor Man's Graveyard' made for the TAG! Gacha - The Haunted Mortuary event.

I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Dress: Della Personi - Lori Dress L$150

Emma is pictured with...
Poor Man's Graveyard Gacha L$50 per play @ TAG! Gacha - The Haunted Mortuary

Canopy: 7mR-PMG-Burial Canopy RARE
Shed: 7mR-PMG-Grave Digger's Shed RARE
Closed Pine Box: 7mR-PMG-Pine Box-Closed
Open Pine Box: 7mR-PMG-Pine Box-Open Burial
Cross Grave Marker: 7mR-PMG-Cross Grave Marker
Flower Grave Marker: 7mR-PMG-Flower Grave Marker
Chair: 7mR-PMG-Guest Chair
Stepladder: 7mR-PMG-Stepladder
Shelf: 7mR-PMG-Shelf
Grave: 7mR-PMG-Single Fresh Dug Grave-Dark
Cross Grave: 7mR-PMG-Cross Fresh Grave-Dark

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