Tuesday, 15 September 2015

So Strange

Hullo, my strange readers

Today I wanted to do something a lil special for my 200th image posted to Flickr. So nakie me and my Top 10 Aussie Songs You've Never Heard. I found all these amazing Australian bands on the Triple J Unearthed website. Triple J offers such an awesome opportunity to launch Australian musicians. Now if only all those Aussie artists would put some tunes on youtube, I could share them all with you.

Perhaps today's image is a lil too strange but I guess that's just me. I hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of my 200th Flickr post.


Top 10 Aussie Songs You've Never Heard
10. Pacefaint - Can You See the Living?
9. Luna Sands - Full
8. Bad Pony - Down to You
7. Fifth Dawn - Turbulence
6. The High Learys - Letters to Alice
5. Ocean Alley - Yellow Mellow
4. Tiny Little Houses - Easy
3. The Steptones - LED Love
2. Mosquito Coast - Call My Name
1. Calamity Lane - So Strange

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