Monday, 10 August 2015

Come on, Oblivion

Hullo, my familiar readers.

Last week I received some really bad news that I'm having a hard time processing. It's made it awfully hard to focus on creative stuff...or words. I know my posts have been short and sweet and I know I'm probably a lil behind with things I want to share with you. I'll keep doing my best to showcase interesting stuff for your faces. =) Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers at this time.

My Top 10 New Song list features a whole lotta male rockers. From soft to hard, punk to metal, instrumentals to rough voiced singers today's list will rock your world. These boys know how to bring it. All the songs in today's countdown are from albums released between July 15 - July 31, 2015.

I captured today's image at Debasement. That's our XXX club at Deelights Resort. It's hidden away and can be accessed via the elevator outside the Cummunity Center or by following the link above. I hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of hard-rockin' . ^^


Top 10 New Songs
10. Joe Satriani - A Phase I'm Going Through
9. Lamb of God - Still Echoes
8. Symphony X - Nevermore
7. We Came as Romans - The World I Used to Know
6. Titus Andronicus - Lost My Mind
5. Teenage Time Killers - Egobomb
4. Saint Asonia - Better Place
3. The Maccabees - Spit it Out
2. Knuckle Puck - Disdain
1. Finger Eleven - Come On, Oblivion

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