Thursday, 30 July 2015

One Summer

Hullo, my bikini-wearing readers.

The one thing I have learned this Summer is you can never have too many bikinis. Today I'm wearing a fun fringe bikini from FLG Store. The bikini comes with a color and pattern HUD. Also included are flip flops for slink flat feet (feet not included) with color HUD.

FLG Store on Facebook:
FLG Store on Flickr:
FLG Store in Secondlife:
FLG Store on Marketplace:

I captured the image at The Trace Too. This was my first visit to this gorgeous sim and I'm sure it won't be my last. I hope you enjoy today's relaxed look. =)


Bikini: ::FLG Bikini Fringe Mesh + HUD 10 Colors:: L$99

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Day You Went Away

Hullo, my  hopeful readers.

It seems Fashiontropic wrapped up a few hours early! I'd like to thank the organizers of Fashiontropic for choosing me as a blogger for their amazing event. It's been a pleasure to share such stylish and beautiful items from some of the most detailed and creative designers. Make sure to keep an eye out for more stylish, stunning and sensational events from iNOVARE. Goodbye, Fashiontropic. =)

I still wanted to share this gorgeous dress from Hilly Haalan, which is now available at their main store. It comes with a HUD for 10 sensational designs. Plus, you get shoes for slink high feet (feet not included), earrings, purse and a flower for your hair.

I captured the image at Flux Sur Mer. I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Dress + Accessories: [hh] Penelope Paradise Dress Outfit (HUD Driven-SLink High) L$99


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Weather With You

Hullo, my weathered readers.

Today I'm featuring a super cute bikini from Cremosas. This set comes with a color HUD with 7 amazing colors and patterns.

Cremosas on Facebook:

Cremosas on Flickr:

Cremosas in Secondlife:
Cremosas on Marketplace:

I captured the image at The Untroubled Sound. Themed on the temperate coastline of New Zealand, The Untroubled Sound is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Watch the sunset at the marina or wander off and explore the extensive gardens, forest and farmlands. Experience a genuine New Zealand native bush walk. Home of Artists Garden SL, Botanicals and The Deep House Cafe. (Information taken from the destination guide.)

I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Bikini: .::Cremosas Store::. BIKINI CUTE 1 with color HUD. L$99

Monday, 27 July 2015

There She Goes

Hullo, my Summer readers.

The Fashiontropic event will be ending this week. Don't miss out on a Summer shopping trip with some of the most amazing designers on the grid. Today I'm wearing a gorgeous dress from DE.Boutique. I'm holding an adorable gift from Tchelos. The fruit crate comes in two versions, one to be held and one to be placed on a surface.


The image was captured at one of my favorite sims,  Elysion. I hope you enjoy today's sun-bathed look.


Emma is wearing...
Dress: DE.Boutique - SS15 Bora Maxi Dress L$179 @ Fashiontropic
Food crate: Tchelos - !BRazilian Minds Fruit Box (table 2) L$0/Free @ Fashiontropic

“FASHIONTROPIC Event, produced by iNOVARE Magazine. A new concept of shopping, made for our readers and costumers!”


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Freak Like Me

Hullo, my freaky readers.

Today's post comes with inspiration from this cute tattooed tongue from YumZ. You can find the SayAhh! Tongue gacha in the YumZ store at the Indulgence BDSM & Kink Event. Play for lots of sassy, sexy and naughty words or if you're lucky you might win the rare fat pack which includes the complete set.

The only song I could think about for this image is 'Freak Like Me' by Halestorm. So, I've decided to put together my Top 10 Women Who Rock countdown. Lots of big voices from some incredibly sexy women.

I hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of a sexy song-filled Sunday.


Emma is wearing...
Tongue: [YumZ] SayAhh! Tongue - Freak L$50 per play @ Indulgence

Top 10 Women Who Rock
10. tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta
9. Skunk Anansie - Infidelity
8. Veruca Salt - Empty Bottle
7. Dallas Frasca - Anything Left to Wonder
6. The Damn Truth - Too Late
5. Devil Doll - The Curse
4. In This Moment - Blood
3. Amanda Palmer - Guitar Hero
2. The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
1. Halestorm - Freak Like Me 

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Hullo, my chained readers.

What's a weekend without a lil kink? Time to take a walk down by the water and get your shopping on at Indulgence - BDSM & Kink Event.

Indulgence on Facebook:
Indulgence on Flickr:
Indulgence in Secondlife: Indulgence - BDSM & Kink Event

The gorgeous lingerie from [YumZ] I'm wearing today is available in a number of sexy colors and can also be purchased in solid instead of the sheer version that I'm wearing. Not all colors are pictured.

I am posed on an item called 'Hopeless II' from Think Kink. It's the perfect place for keeping someone you've captured. In the background an amazing statue from Belle's B.o.L.D. You can get a male of female version and it's only 8 prims.

I hope you enjoy today's chained look. ^^


Emma is wearing...
Lingerie: [YumZ] Trix Sheer * Black L$279 @ Indulgence

Emma is posed with...
Wall Bondage: tk Hopeless_II  (v704) L$399 @ Indulgence
Statue: *:Belle's:.:B.o.L.D.:* De-votA Statue Mesh L$210 @ Indulgence

Friday, 24 July 2015

Counting Stars

Hullo, my star-gazing readers.

Today I am showcasing an adorable tiger print mesh romper from FLG. There is a color HUD with six sassy colors and there are two different tones for the belt. Make sure you check out the other color sets available.

FLG Store on Facebook:
FLG Store on Flickr:
FLG Store in Secondlife:
FLG Store on Marketplace:

The image was captured at Just Another Tequila Sunrise.I hope you enjoy today's look .


Emma is wearing...
Jumpsuit: ::FLG:: Romper Tiger +  HUD 6 Colors :: L$99

Thursday, 23 July 2015

In the Summertime

Hullo, my summertime readers.

Today I'm featuring six outstanding designers from Fashiontropic.

I'm wearing a beautiful necklace from [Modern.Couture]. It's available in four colors. The bikini set is from Kosmo. You get five tropical colors and it comes with an Omega HUD. Finally from G Field, super adorable and colorful heels made for Slink mid feet. (Feet not included.) There are two pattern sets available and six colors available in both styles. You can purchase them separately or save a lot by purchasing the fat pack!  A demo is available.

I'm pictured with a well crafted tiki mask from Chimeric Arts & Fashions. They are available in three different wood colors and are only 1 prim each.  From Astralia a gorgeous straw hat with color HUD. From !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! a yummy citrus purse. You get three different fruit designs. The flamingos, made by Astralia, are free for members of the iNOVARE Magazine Readers Group. The group joiner and gift are available at the landing zone.

I set the scene up on the beach at Deelights Resort. It'll stay up for a week or two for all you wonderful photographers out there. Would love to see what others do with it. ^^ I hope you enjoy another hot, wet and summery look.


Emma is wearing...
Necklace: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Reign Yellow $L150 @ Fashiontropic
Bikini: .:KosmO:. Nesiba swimbikini $L250 @ Fashiontropic
Shoes: *GF* Rebecca Slingback -tropical orange- [Slink Mid] $L300 @ Fashiontropic

Pictured with...
Tiki Mask: Chimeric Arts & Fashions - Tiki Mask Box $L295 @ Fashiontropic
Flamingo: Astralia - Wood Flamingos L$0/Free (iNOVARE Magazine Readers Group)
Hat: Astralia - Boho Beach Hat $L199 @ Fashiontropic
Lemon Purse: !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Slice Purse MESH $L100 @ Fashiontropic

“FASHIONTROPIC Event, produced by iNOVARE Magazine. A new concept of shopping, made for our readers and costumers!”

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Hullo, my hunted readers.

It's time to put on your hunting shoes, grab the clue list and make your way to 81 amazing stores in the 'Hunt for Your Inner Slut' hunt.

If you don't have hunting shoes, I suggest you stop by Indecent Exposure first and pick up these aaaaamazingly sexy shoes, now available in store. ^^ Before you leave, make sure you hunt down the fabulous hunt gift too. This sexy smokey body-suit comes with Omega appliers.

Hunt for Your Inner Slut Information:

I captured today's image at Retroville with help from Jake Gallagher. I hope you enjoy this naughty look from Indecent Exposure. *winks*


Emma is wearing...
Lingerie: HYIS11 #052  Indecent Exposure - Smokey Bodysuit L$0/Free
Shoes: Indecent Exposure - Pretty Laced Shoes: Ruby - For Slink High L$200

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Hullo, my curious readers.

Today I'm featuring an adorable corset and panties set from Cremosas. Sadly, I couldn't fit my fat bum into the panties included, so I have paired the corset with some plain white panties. The set comes with a combined color HUD for the corset and panties. 

I captured the image at Elysion. I hope you enjoy today's look. =)


Emma is wearing...
Corset: ::CREMOSAS Corset Kakau + HUD 8 Colors :: L$79



Hullo, my reflective readers.

If your summer has been missing something naughty, then this is the shopping stop for you.  Today we're taking another look at the ultra naughty and kinkalicious event, Indulgence - BDSM & Kink Fair.

From Milk Tea, I'm wearing a stunning bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination. It's available in four sexy colors and includes system layers, omega HUD, Maitreya glove and Slink hand appliers.

I captured the image at Ironwood Hills. I hope you enjoy today's black and white look. =)


Emma is wearing...
Lingerie: Milk Tea: Awakening Natalie L$75 @ Indulgence

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Big Decisions

Hullo, my thoughtful readers.

Today we're having another look at Fashiontropic featuring items from Meva, DE. Boutique and {ZOZ}.

We start today's look with bamboo glasses from Meva. The glasses come with a texture change HUD, you can make the glass transparent and they can be resized. The adorable jumpsuit is available from DE.Boutique.  It's perfect for a day at the beach or a night of cocktails and dancing. The shoes are from {ZOZ} and are available in four colors.

The image was captured at Baja Cove. I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Glasses: Meva Bamboo Glass L$270 @ Fashiontropic
Jumpsuit: DE.Boutique SS15 Tropical Playsuit L$179 @ Fashiontropic
Heels: -{ZOZ}- Maui - Black (slink high) L$249 @ Fashiontropic

“FASHIONTROPIC Event, produced by iNOVARE Magazine. A new concept of shopping, made for our readers and costumers!”

Friday, 17 July 2015

What's Real?

Hullo, my real readers.

Today I am featuring my amazing new sponsor, Indecent Exposure.

The top, skirt and socks are all available in world and can be found in more than one color / pattern! I couldn't find the shoes in store but if you love them beg for them on the Indecent Exposure facebook page. =D

Indecent Exposure 200x 

I captured the image at one of my favorite spooky sims, *Everwinter* Post Apocalyptic Theme Park. I hope you enjoy today's look.


Emma is wearing...
Top: Indecent Exposure - DickHead Low back tanktop L$125
Skirt: Indecent Exposure - The Wicked Punkd Skirt L$150
Thigh High Socks: Indecent Exposure - Vague Thigh Hi Toeless Socks - Black L$150
Heels: Indecent Exposure - Pretty Laced Shoes - For Slink High (Not currently available)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wild Honey

Hullo, my honey-dipped readers.

If you haven't been to  ROMP yet, you only have until the end of Friday to check it out. Today I'm featuring the bedroom set from Jian @ ROMP.

This is my new favorite bedroom set. The bed features 160 quality animations including sleep, cuddle, XXX and 3sum. There are 16 textures for the bed frame, pillows, sheets and blanket. The bed is available in PG & Adult. Plus the bed is only 9 prims and all the items have high detail materials enabled. Also, the dresser has 8 delicious animations and can be color matched with the bed. I have featured poses from the dresser and the bed.

Special thanks to the delicious, Talisker Braveheart, for your help with my shoot today. I have been an admirer of his work for as long as I can remember. Talisker's unique look is drop-dead sexy and he creates thoughtful, humorous and just plain delicious images. If you haven't checked out his work, do yourself a favor! ^^ It was such an honor to finally meet and work with Mr Braveheart. Hopefully he'll humor me again sometime!

Talisker Braveheart on Flickr:

I hope you enjoy our final look at the ROMP Summer Fair. ROMP may be almost finished for July but I'm sure it will be back to rock your world in September. Stay tuned for more.


Pictured with...
Set: Jian Saxton Bedroom Complete Collection: L$ 1,350 @ ROMP

Dresser Only: Saxton Dresser $300 @ ROMP
Bed Only: Saxton Bed PG & Adult L$1,000 @ ROMP

Available but not pictured...
Night Stand: Saxton Night stands - His or Hers $150 @ ROMP

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Hullo, my surfing readers.

One sim, two amazing stores. Today I'm featuring FLG Store and Cremosas Store.

Today I have put together the perfect beach look. I've been wanting to do a surfing series of images for some time and felt these outfits would be a great start. I rocked up at the beach wearing an adorable top and skirt from FLG Store. The outfit comes with a color change HUD and you can wear matching colors or mix and match. Once I found the perfect spot for surfing waves, I stripped down to an adorable bikini from Cremosas Fashion Store. There are four color sets available and each set comes with a color HUD. Again, you can color match or mix it up, just like I did.

I captured the image at El Diablo at Scorpion Bay. I hope you enjoy today's sun-soaked, surfing inspired sexiness featuring my delightful new sponsors FLG Store & Cremosas Fashion Store.


Emma is wearing...
Top & Skirt: ::FLG Diamond Outfit Mesh + HUD 10 Colors $L99

Bikini .::Cremosas Store::. BIKINI CUTE 4 with HUD $L99