Monday, 25 May 2015

Broken Talk

Hullo, my laid-back readers.

Today's shopping trip came with a world full of glitches and a male model who won't change his shoes. *giggles*

Jake Gallagher is helping me showcase an amazing male outfit from ***GIULIA DESIGN***. The only downside to the outfit, according to Jake, is the hat is small and can't be modified. The hat comes with an alpha but it looked unnatural with his head size. He was also unable to wear hair with the hat but that wasn't an issue and you might be able to find a hair that works with it. The outfit is free after joining the free group. He is also wearing his favorite black sneakers which are almost free on the marketplace.

I stopped by .::Pink Sugah::. to try and hunt down their item featured in the Mayday Hunt. Find out more about the Mayday Hunt here. I found it pretty quickly (go me!) then hurried home to unpack the item, only to find the applier was not right. It applied a green tartan texture, not the gorgeous red print the dress comes in. I sent off an IM to Pink Sugah owner, Tara Asamoah, letting her know there was an issue. She replied immediately and promptly fixed the problem. I can't thank Tara enough for her kindness, professionalism and perfect customer service. Make sure you check out her store for sexy, sassy and boobie friendly designs!

Once the dress was sorted out, I ran barefooted down to The Secret Store to grab their adorable group gift, a pair of blue polka dot t-strap heels. The group is free to join.

My hair is the group gift from :::Phoenix::: It comes in three different versions; normal, for boobs and fitted/bounce. There are eight color HUDS included, plus a HUD for the headband. I'm wearing a light blonde hair and white headband. Sadly, there does seem to be a glitch with the boob friendly version, where the hair shows through the mouth and chin. You can still use the hair for posing but it's not suitable for every day wear, sadly. There is a L$50 group fee. I have sent a notecard to the creator about the glitch and will blog any updates to the product. =) [UPDATE: 28 May 2015. The glitch was on my end. See next post for more details.]

So after all that, I headed on down to Crestwick Island to capture this laid-back image. I was exhausted by that point. ^^ I hope you enjoy today's look.


Jake is wearing...
Hat, Jacket, Top & Pants: ***GIULIA DESIGN*** Dress: Mark L$0/Free
Shoes: Patriotic Series Chuck Black L$19

Emma is wearing...
Hair: :::Phoenix::: Laura Hair [+] L$0/Free
Dress: .::Pink Sugah::. In Bloom - Mayday Hunt L$1
Shoes: The Secret Store - Becky T-Strap Heels L$0/Free

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