Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How'd You Like That?

Hullo, my hungry readers.

This week I'm once again featuring the ultra sexy, Jackson Greycloak. I swear he has a sensor that knows when I'm scouting for a photo shoot location. I had just stumbled into this dirty lil diner when I got his call. He had a lil free time so he joined me for this delicious photo shoot.

As soon as Jackson arrived in his spiffy suit, I knew the type of images I wanted to capture. I stripped down to a cute lil apron, whipped out my Anypose and got to work. Once I was done with the images, I knew I had to write a yummy story to accompany them. I hope you enjoy the tasty hump-day treat.

Jackson is a dream to work with and I can't wait til I can get his clothes off again. ^^ *giggles*

The images were captured at Decadent District: Nasty Ghetto


... I felt a sharp spank rattle through my round bottom and heard a smooth, familiar voice cut through the musty diner air. "Well, I've heard of topless waitresses but bottomless?". The strong, manly hand squeezed into my freshly spanked flesh. I spun around, pulling from the hand, to see Jackson dressed in his slick suit and I blushed wildly. My mind started racing. How did he know that I was working here? What would he think about me being a waitress? I smoothed down my hair and puffed up my apron as he slid into the nearest booth.

"What's on the menu?", Jackson asked, with a wink. I leaned against the table and nipped at my bottom lip. "What are you in the mood for?", I shyly replied. Jackson reached out a finger and ran it along my jaw to my chin. He paused a moment, then danced the digit down between my breasts, following the curve outward, before cupping it. He held a handful of breast as his eyes wandered down between my legs. "That!", he said bluntly.

I could feel my cheeks blush and my sex ache. Even though I wasn't wearing pants, my goods weren't on the menu. I looked around the empty diner and giggled. "Well... that's not normally a menu item but...", I paused. I knew we weren't alone. The fry cook was still rattling around the kitchen but all I wanted to do was climb up on the table and let Jackson devour me. 

As quickly as I had that thought, I heard the cook shout from the kitchen. "I'm on break, Em, I'll be out back if you need me." I looked through to the kitchen to see the back door slam shut and I knew Jackson and I were really alone. "....but it seems it's your lucky day", I finally replied. A horny grin spread across his face and he tapped on the table in front of him. "Come here, you!"

I planted my heel onto the bench seat and sat on the table. Without waiting, Jackson slid his hand up my inner thigh to tease his fingers along my wet slit. His tongue poked at the corner of his mouth and a low grunt escaped. His fingers teased at my clit, then slid to my opening. He pushed a digit inside and fucked me slowly, almost as if he was testing my wetness. He pulled his finger from me, sucked at the juices slowly and snickered. "Ready!"

With both hands, he grabbed my hips. Instantly lifting me and dragging me across the table, positioning me in front of his watering mouth. He hooked my legs up over his shoulders and leaned down. His breath was hot on my sensitive flesh. He nudged at my clit with his nose, inhaling my sweet scent. Then playfully flicked his tongue between my folds. His tongue moved with skill and precision. It snaked over my sensitive spots, only enough to tease and make me wetter.

I was instantly lost in a horny-haze. The room started to spin and my legs began to tremble. I rushed my hand over the curve of my heaving breast, then quickly up to my head. My eyes squeezed shut and moans and whimpers trickled from my parted lips. Jackson squeezed his hands into my bottom and lifted me higher to his eager mouth. His tongue lashed my throbbing clit with fast licks, then long slow swirls. Then traveled my slit to probe my pussy. He nuzzled his face into my sex and growled with lust.

"Erggummuhhhaaaaa". I gargled as Jackson feasted between my legs. I squeezed my thighs against his head, trapping him with his tongue stuffed deep. I reached a hand up to brush a lock of hair from his face. A soft smile spread across my face as pleasure rapidly spread through my body. I writhed under him, trying to escape his intrusive tongue, while keeping him firmly against my sex. I wanted more. "More! I want to cum". My words echoed through the empty diner and I felt him nod.

Jackson buried two fingers inside my pussy and curled them up to my g-spot as he sucked my clit firmly between his lips. His mouth became wild against my wet folds. His fingers pumped and curled with, fast, short strokes. He continued to suck firmly at my clit as his tongue pushed and wiggled and urged the lil nub to erupt. "Fuuuucccckkkk meeeeeeee. I'm cummmmmmming!", I cried out as the first wave of pleasure washed through my body.

I grabbed at his arms as he held me to his mouth. My body trembled under him. "Ohhhahh mmmmm, that's.....ahhhh*. I started to giggle as the pleasure tickled and teased my clit and g-spot. I couldn't escape the pleasure and I didn't want to. I writhed and moaned, squeezing at my nipple through my apron as his tongue lashed my clit and folds, gathering every drop of wetness. His tongue slowed as my orgasm did, only giving soft caresses as my body twitched in pleasure on the table.

"Time for me to head off. I'll give you a tip next time", Jackson said as he grabbed his crotch. His face glistened with my wetness, he smiled and disappeared into the night. I laid on the table a few seconds longer, wondering if that had really happened.

Til next time...

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