Friday, 6 March 2015

Bohemian Like You

Hullo, my creative readers.

I couldn't wait until Tuesday to post these fabulous fashion freebies. !APHORISM! has released a free subscriber gift for men and women. To receive your paint splashed goodies, head on down to their in world store, click the group subscriber above the counter, then collect your freebies which can be found behind the wall the group subscriber is found on. 

Once I had my hot new boots and Jake Gallagher in the jeans, we headed down to Deelights Resort to capture this fun image.

I hope you enjoy today's look. ^^


Emma is wearing... 
!APHORISM! For women - 'Pollock' Cavalry Boots

Jake is wearing...  
!APHORISM! For Men - 'Pollock' Regular Jeans

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