Thursday, 12 March 2015

Best of Friends

Hullo, my kinky afternoon readers.

I was getting ready to plan a sexy post when Jake Gallagher asked me to join him for coffee because he had a surprise for me. Who doesn't love a surprise? I slipped into a casual outfit and headed for the coffee cart at Deelights Resort.

I grabbed my coffee, spun around to greet Jake and to my surprise....he was not alone. He sat with his cock in his hand and a cock on his lips. Jake knows just how I like it. *giggles* I asked if I could join the hot, tattooed pair and they were only too happy for the extra mouth.

This sexy photo shoot captured a delicious, sun-drenched *coughs* cum-drenched *coughs* afternoon with Jake Gallagher and Jack W. Harkness. You guys are too much fun. ^^

I hope you enjoy the slightly late, horny hump day mouth humpin'.


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