Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lil Red Riding Hood

Hullo, my fairy tale pervs.

I did it! I got my post up on time and I finally finished another Halloween post. I know that they are now incredibly over due but I seriously wanted to do 12 Day of Halloween, in some creative form, and I am going to finish them. Even if it takes me until the start of Halloween 2015. ^^

The 7th installment is a very naughty Little Red Riding Hood. She almost made it to grandmas house when she got caught up in a hunters trap. The big bad shewolf came out of the shadows and had her way with the sweet young girl.

Darian & I dressed up for the parts of Little Red Riding Hood and the Shewolf. One of many Halloween outfits for us last year.

I hope you enjoy the naughty tale in images. =)


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