Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Hullo my wet readers.

Welcome to the first of this year's Horny Hump Day posts. These posts will feature stories in images, text or a combination of both.

.... I squeezed Darian's hand as we walked along the shore line to the hot tub. The sound of the white wash breaking against the sand, the smell of salt, the heat beaming down from the midday sun filled our senses. We approached the steaming tub, I dropped my bag to the ground and kicked my shoes off. I wasted no time in peeling my clothes off, revealing my naked curves to the midday sun.

I stepped closer to my gorgeous wife and gently danced my hand down her arm. My hand casually brushed the curve of her heaving breast. I gripped the bottom of her shirt and tugged it off, then quickly unbuttoned her shorts and slipped those off too. I wrapped my hands around her luscious, full breasts, buried my face between them and motorboated. I looked up at her with a twinkle of lust in my eyes.

We climbed into the hot tub and relaxed against each other. The water bubbled around us and steam made an already hot day, hotter. It wasn't long before relaxing turned to fondling, fondling turned to kissing and a need ached between my legs. I leaned out of the tub to my bag, my cunt exposed and glistening for my Darian and pulled out a long, black strap on. I helped Darian into the contraption and a cheeky grin spread across her face.

"I know you're already wet", Darian purred. "But I want to make you wetter." She smiled and licked at her lips. "Do a handstand in the water", Darian instructed. So I did. I inhaled as much air as I could and went under the water head first. My hands touched the bottom of the hot tub and I shot my feet out of the water. I felt Darian wrap her arms around my waist as she buried her face between my legs.
With a mighty grunt, she stood tall, pulling me from the water as she continued to violate my wet hole with her tongue. I gasped for breath as I clung to her tight. My legs were wrapped around her neck. I bit at her thigh and whimpered as my pleasure and excitement grew. She quickly dunked me back into the water, without warning. I hadn't been able to get enough breath and my head started to spin. She didn't stop lavishing my cunt with attention, allowing me breath when she saw fit.

"I'm going to......". I stuttered out as she pulled me from the water once more. My cunt pulsed and quivered against her hungry mouth. "I'm going to......." and just as I spat it out again she dropped me into the water. I surfaced, shocked and horny. I smoothed my hair down and looked at her with a puzzled look. "You're not cumming until you've had this toy filling that sweet hole of yours", Darian remarked as her hand glided along the slick phallus.

I made my way to Darian, who was sitting and reclined in the tub. I straddled her lap and without a sense of romance, pressed the tip to my hole and slid down its length. I sat on her lap and swiveled my hips. The thick rod was trapped and grinding between my velvet walls. My head tilted back as rays of sunlight splashed across my face. My eyes squeezed shut as my body experienced a twinge of pleasure. I felt Darian's hands on my hips. Her fingers squeezed into my body and her voice tickled my ears. "Ride it, baby."

My eyes popped open and I looked at the gorgeous girl between my legs. I teased my fingers down her cheek and leaned to her lips. I paused and whispered "Yes Ma'am!" A smile spreading across my horny face. I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her hard and deep, stealing her breath instantly. My hips writhed and bucked and I rode the phallus slowly. Very slowly pulling off the rod, only to forcefully jam myself back down on it. We fucked and we kissed as the water splashed around us. My cunt squeezed and ached for release but it wasn't time.

"Turn around and really ride me, woman!" Darian barked through a messy kiss. I bit at her lip, tugging it as I sat back. I let out a soft purr and bunched Darian's hair in my fist. I tilted her head back and stared at her intensely. I stood up on the seat, a foot on either side of my wife and lowered my cunt to her mouth. I smothered her with my hairy, wet cunt and giggled. I turned around and lowered myself back onto the waiting phallus. I looked over my shoulder at Darian and her juice-smeared face.

"Please let me cum soon" I whimpered as I fucked the thick black cock. My tits bounced and slapped at the water. My body writhed and burned and ached with lust. I could feel Darian's hand sliding up my back and grab a handful of hair. With one swift move she pushed me forward, back under the water. I choked and spluttered but continued to ride the phallus. My cunt dripped as my arousal grew. Darian tugged at my back lacing and allowed me out of the water. She pulled me back against her and whispered in my ear. "I'm going to fuck you, out of the water. Then you're going to cum all over this strap on and lick it clean for me. You're my good lil cum Princess, aren't you?"

I nodded in reply as we stood in the hot tub. I hooked my leg over her arm and she tilted her hips forward, slipping the thick rod back into my aching sex. Darian's mouth fastened to my neck. She bit and sucked as she drove the cock fast and deep. I bounced and clung to her. My pleasure-soaked whimpers and moans floated from my lips across the deserted beach.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck!", I cried out as the first hard pulse of pleasure erupted from my clit. I circled my hips quickly as I began to cum on the cock. "Thaaaaat's...iiiiiiittttttt!!!!". I whimpered. My body shook and trembled as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through my groin. My cunt dripped and pulsed against the phallus and my clit throbbed.  "I'm still cummmmming", I groaned as the pleasure continued to assault my body. I don't know how long I came for but it seemed like an eternity of sun-drenched pleasure.

Finally, Darian lowered me to the seat, my body a quivery, cummy mess. I looked up at the phallus, slick with my juices and lazily slipped my mouth round the tip. I gasped for air and took the cock in my mouth. Slurping up my taste as Darian gently raked her fingers through my hair. "I love when you cum, Princess", Darian purred. I looked up at her with a twinkle in my eye as I slurped off the phallus, pulled her down next to me and gave her a steamy, cummy kiss. We stayed wrapped around each other as the wet, hot day, faded around us.

Until next time....

Images taken in the hot tub @ Deelights Resort.

I hope you enjoy the story and sun-drenched, soaking wet images.



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