Friday, 23 January 2015

Dancing in the Moonlight

Hullo, my late night readers.

Today shall now be known as.... 'Fucking Friday'. That's what we call the day when my hump day post gets posted three days late. *giggles* Okay, so this week hasn't been super friendly and while my 2015 zenitude is in full force, my creative juices have not been flowing.

So on Wednesday, when I should have been writing a super deliciously sexy blog post, I was hiding from it all, on a beach, in a bikini. That's when the real fun began. My long time bestbian, Bryk Hammerer, joined me for a long over due catch up and he was wearing a hot pink mankini.  *swoons*

I met Bryk not long after I waltzed my way into the Trashy Whore Trailer Park over two years ago. Before I had even met him, I knew about him and his infamous mankini. I was handed a snapshot of the tall, dark and handsome stranger in a neon green mankini and I knew this was someone I had to meet. When I finally met him, his charm was almost intimidating but it didn't stop me from springing out of bed to spin around a dance pole for him at 7 am. He's charming, witty, sweet, intelligent and my friend.

We don't get much of a chance to spend time together, due to our schedules but I know he's always there for me, with a hug if I need it. Plus, he'll slip on a mankini anytime to put a smile on my face. ^^

I grabbed a couple of quick images from our catch up on the beach @ Deelights Resort.

I hope you enjoy the moonlight images and for all those that have had a bad week, turn your stereo up and enjoy this feel good song by Toploader - Dancing in the Moonlight.



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