Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bad Girlfriend

Hullo, my sexually wanting readers.

I know, I know, the post is late. Better late than never, right? Seeing the post is a tad late, we will call the post a Tasty Thursday post. This weeks story is based on actual events. A couple of days ago my delicious wife, Darian, reminded me what a hungry lil cum slut she is and now I'll share that story with you.

... I leaned across to Darian, planted a soft kiss on her shoulder and teased my fingers up her inner thigh as she perched next to me on the sofa. "What do you feel like doing tonight?", I asked, below a trail of kisses that led to her ear.

"Let's go to the seedy end of town so I can find a nice thick cock to suck", Darian said, a lusty twinkle in her eye. "Oh really?", I quickly replied. As the words left my lips Darian stood up, smoothed down her clothes and held out her hand. I smiled and took her hand. We headed down to the subway and made our way to the shady city square.

The neon lights illuminated the city sidewalk. A handful of people milled around the entrance of a strip club. Pole dancers moaned and gyrated against the hard steel poles, desperate for attention. The crisp night air tickled my legs. I stood close to Darian as her eyes scanned the nearby faces.

A young man appeared, as if out of no where and flashed a smile in our direction. Darian stepped up to him and rested her hand on his strong, bare chest. She pushed up on tiptoe, almost able to reach his ear and she whispered something to him. I couldn't hear the exchange of words. Instead I gazed around at the seedy nightlife, nervous, excited, disgusted, turned on.

My eyes fell upon Darian once more, just in time to see her nod. She latched her arm around the young stranger and headed towards the local hotel. This wasn't the type of hotel you went to stay at on vacation, more the type of hotel you stayed at if you needed an hour with that 'special' lady. I quickly followed as the two made their way up stairs. The floors were sticky and the smell of sex was obvious.

As I reached the top floor, I saw Darian at an open door. She blew me a kiss and disappeared into the room with the handsome stranger. I paused a couple of minutes, not wanting to intrude but wanting to watch the delicious display. As I stood, waiting, at the door, I could hear muffled talking. That wasn't going to be good enough.

I turned the door handle and pushed the door open slightly. I could see Darian on her knees and the tall stranger standing over her. He ran his fingers through her hair and stated "You want to suck my thick meat, slut?". I trembled with excitement as I heard him speak to my wife that way. Her eyes were focused upon his as her hands unbuttoned his pants. She wasted no time in freeing his member from its constraint.

Darian's reply came with the quick flick of her tongue. Her greedy hand wrapped around the base of his cock, holding the almost hard sex to the tip of her tongue. She inhaled slowly and ran the tip cautiously around the head of his cock. I could see his body tremble. "Mmmmm, yes. That's the spot", he growled in reply to the lick.

I could see the hunger growing in Darian's eyes as his harsh voice cut through the musty hotel room air. Her bright red lips quickly closed around the bulging head. Her hand traveled his length, twisting and squeezing to meet her mouth. She licked and sucked and teased the head as her hand kept him from thrusting into her mouth. I could see how much he ached to have her consume his rod. I knew it was only a matter of time.

"That's it you hot little cock sucker. I want to be in your mouth. Suck it!", the stranger barked at Darian. The corners of her mouth curled into a devious smile as her tongue probed his hole for the first drop of pre-cum. She gave him a little nod as her eyes shot to the crack in the door. Our eyes met for the briefest second before her mouth slid half way down the rock hard cock. She sucked and slurped and bobbed her head. Her fingers cupped his balls. He was under her spell. Only horny growls and lusty demands for more rocketed from his lips.

The tall stranger bunched her hair into his fist as he assaulted her mouth with his sex. Every time she traveled down his length, more would be consumed. "Swallow me, you dirty cock slut", the man roared. Darian's mouth engulfed the cock. My gorgeous cock whore relaxed her throat and swallowed him whole. I knew he was fucking her throat. I could see he wasn't going to last much longer.

I leaned against the door frame and slipped my hand down the front of my shorts. My fingers ran along my wet slit and massaged my throbbing clit. My breathing was as heavy as the noises floating from the room. I couldn't help myself. My wife looked perfect with a cock between her pretty lips. I rubbed and humped against my fingers as I continued to peek at the delicious show.

Darian choked and spluttered around the thick meat. She slurped up and continued to jerk his cock. "I want you to cum", she purred. She pushed her mouth down the rod again and sucked hungrily. Her tongue and hands were a blur of sexual domination. She was commanding his cock to unleash its creamy load. She pushed her face forward, swallowing his cock. Her nose was nestled against his trimmed bush. He bucked his hips into her face, fucking her sweet, willing mouth. My fingers stayed pressed to my clit in fast, furious circles.

"Aarfffghhghgaaahhhhh", he choked out. I could see tears streaming down her cheeks as she choked on the pulsing cock. The first squirt of cum had hit the back of her throat. She doubled her efforts on the rod. She squeezed at his balls as she sucked firmly at the erupting sex. She slowly started to pull up the shaft and cum spilled from the corners of her mouth. Her hand jerked at the freshly exposed dick. She continued to milk him. His cock pulsed in her hand, leaving the last drops of cum on her whore-tongue.

I continued to rub at my clit as Darian sucked, swallowed and was coated in a delicious, hot load. My knees went weak as a tiny flutter of pleasure erupted through my sex. My clit pounded and I trembled against the door frame. It was a delicious little orgasm that left me wanting more.

The door swung open and the stranger paused. "You're a lucky girl. Your wife is a hot little slut. Perfect mouth." He smiled as he fastened his pants and bounced down the stairs. I glanced at Darian who was making her way to the door. Her finger pushed at a dollop of cum on her chest. She rubbed the cum across my bottom lip, before leaning in to press a soft kiss to my lips.

I whispered into the kiss "You're my delicious cum slut and I love how you suck a cock." I nipped at her lip, wrapped my arm around her waist and we headed back to the subway. We sat down on the train. Darian pushed my legs apart and cupped my cunt. She leaned to me and purred low and sexy, "Let's take care of!"

Until next time...

I hope you enjoyed the story and image, even if it was late.


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