Tuesday, 12 August 2014

This Afternoon

Hullo, my sweet shoppers.

It has been a glorious week of freebies and dollarbies. With the beginning of a new month, comes a torrent of wonderful gifts. I've been madly trying to find cheap shoes for my lovely slink feet and during my hunting I came across many other fabulous treats. Today, Arabella Moss and I wandered down to Image Essentials to capture this fun picture.

Also, Truth are currently offering a FREE hair. Jinx - Pastels. The style is not pictured in my post and I'm not sure how long it will last, so get on over and grab it today!

I hope you enjoy the wonderful freebies featured. 


Pictured Left to Right:

Arabella is wearing...
Hair Bow: p!rtty Mini Hair Bows - Fat Pack L$1
Dress: ~SB~ Hipster Suspender Skirt-"My Lil'tash Pony"  L$0 [Group Gift]
Bracelet: {mE} Awareness + Hope SL ~ SILVER // unisex L$0
Stockings: {Tilly} - Cut Up Stockings L$0
Shoes: .DELICI-YUM. July Freebie Ankle Boots - Pink 'n' Zombie L$1 [Free in world. Visit here]

Emma is wearing...
Bodysuit: .PANIK. The Long Bodysuit (Phat Azz, Slink, Lolas) L$0 [Subscriber Gift]
Jeans: ~SB~ Pastel  Skinny Jeans L$0 [Group Gift]
Sneakers: ((( Big O ))) S-Word - Pink (For Slink Flat Feet) L$0 [Group Gift]

For Group & Subscriber Gifts: Join the group or use the subscribe board in the store you are visiting.

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