Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Just as Deelights was preparing for a whirlwind of naughty excitement and luscious events, I was abducted!

The story really begins last year when I participated in a space program at the Trashy Whore Trailer Park. We were sent off to space for exploration of unknown sexual techniques (at least that's what I went for). My job was to get photographic evidence. As I exited the space vehicle, I was momentarily taken to another world. A world with an alien. It was an instant cosmic connection. The second I looked into its eyes, it showed me things I never knew possible, things I could never have imagined but before I knew it, I was waking on the space ship, across from Elvis and returning to Earth.

Not long after being back on Earth, surrounded by friends, clients, the love of my life, the memory of the strange encounter just started to fade. Every day, the more real life encounters I had, the less I could remember about my alien encounter. Until one day, it wasn't a thought. Life was bubbly and bright. By day, a perfect housewife and a business owner. By night, a devious, delicious delight to be feasted upon by many.

One night, about three months ago, just before we were to release the Daily Deelights program, I crawled into bed next to Darian, shut my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I was quickly awoken by a beam of light. Before I could say anything, I was transported to another world, with that same alien. Memories of our first encounter came flooding back and I almost felt safe.

It was an intense and heated meeting and for reasons I'll never understand, it allowed me to take photos. At the end of the passionate night, it took me to the rest of them and they held me for three days, where they used me constantly. I couldn't eat, sleep, talk or even think. They controlled everything as they poked and prodded and did all manner of unspeakable things to my small, soft body. On the third day I got my voice back and I constantly begged to be reunited with Darian. On the seventh day of begging, the beam of light that had pulled me from my bed, illuminated the space above me and Darian was in my arms.

We stayed with them another two months. Perhaps one day I'll share all the stories. Upon our return to Earth, we found Deelights to be ravaged by a vicious storm. We've spent the last month or so rebuilding and once again, getting ready for a world of naughty fun. 

Lots of updates to come but for now enjoy Emma Deelight & The Alien.

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