Friday, 28 March 2014

The Big Day!

2013 was an amazing year. Not long after the year started, a gorgeous girl dropped into my lap or should I say, I dropped into hers. Nakie! From that second, I was hooked. An instant attraction quickly grew into love. Not just any love, unconditional love. She accepted me for who I was. For all the amazing shiny bits and all the slightly broken bits. And I loved her, for just who she was, from the very beginning. Even when we haven't been able to see the best in ourselves, we have always seen the best in each other.

After a roller coaster year, growing and learning together, laughing and crying, loving and moaning *wink* we took the big but most pleasurable step of becoming wife and wife!

In a private ceremony on a special built pier, at Deelights, in front of close friend, Jake Gallagher we finally made our vows. On December 31, 2013, as the New Year was about to begin, darian Alex and Emma Deelight were joined in marriage. A new family for a New Year. 

Darian has taught me how to be happy. She's my strength, my joy, my world. I would be totally lost without her and I am forever grateful that she said yes. 

My beautiful wife, you are the light that illuminated my dark world and showed me the path. Your heart will always have a home with me. I love you.

Please enjoy photos from the wedding. Stay tuned for Honeymoon pics =)

A few of the amazing items I found to create our perfect wedding.

Aphrodite Wedding ceremonies book L$1,000
Smiles And Busch Designs  Wedding Menu Traditional L$800
- Other World Floating Paper Lanterns L$100
- minnie Tunwarm Victorian Style Pier / Dock / Jetty L$50
- .Clementine. & [NeverMore] Daisy Bridal Bouquet L$300
- Dresses from Maai
- Decorations from Special Moments

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