Monday, 23 December 2013

Darian said Yes!

I'm back to blogging and back with some big news.

On November 30, 2013 I whisked Darian away for an evening 'Down Under'. What she thought was only a date night, turned into much more. When she arrived, I was waiting with a big bunch of beautiful flowers. Our backdrop was the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge & Centerpoint Tower.

We sat down and started sharing our thoughts of love, appreciation, admiration and devotion to each other. I gazed across the table at the woman of my dreams. We had been together since early January and Darian had first asked me to marry her on February 13, 2013. I had said a very big, YES. She placed a beautiful diamond ring on my finger. We had been wearing diamond rings ever since but were waiting for what I thought was the perfect time.


The end of the year was quickly approaching and I didn't want to start the year without Darian as my wife. I leaned across the table, took a deep breath and said... Not a day goes by, when I don't think about you becoming a Deelight. I know that I've made you wait an awful long time since you asked me but....Would you, do me the honour, of becoming my wife on New Years Eve, this year? Darian replied with joyous tears and "yes, yes, a thousand times yes"


We already had our beautiful diamond rings, so I gave Darian an engagement collar. While I still don't fully understand what it means to be collared, I know that it means the world to Darian. She will help me to learn, grow and understand. This was my commitment to becoming the woman that Darian deserves to have by her side.

Since knowing Darian, my life has changed completely. Where I no longer thought I would find happiness, I have found more than my brain knows how to deal with. She's taught me to be braver than I ever thought possible. She gives me strength, courage and a smile. She is patient and understanding and caring, even when I'm being perfectly impossible. I will spend every day of my life showing her just how much I appreciate everything she does for me. I promise, Darian, your heart is safe with me. I am your shelter and your home, forever.

Darian Alex will become Darian Deelight on December 31, 2013. We will start the year as one. 
I love you, Darian, for always and forever.