Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Old Europe's Summerfest & Starfish Hunt


Model: Candy Harlot
Photos taken @ It All Starts With a Smile

Old Europe's Summerfest & Starfish Hunt runs through the month of June. 
Check it out here: Old Europe's Summerfest & Starfish Hunt

This hunt, for fashion items, was not particularly useful for me. Sadly, none of the items were usable for my Lola Push-ups. Although two or three of the hunt items had appliers for Lola Tangos. I hunted down about 15 items in 20 minutes. I also didn't find all of the hunt prizes, so there could still be some hidden treasures.

This hunt is fantastic for people with no L$'s. All the items I found, were free, except one.  You will find a number of mesh dresses, full outfits including shoes, a sex bed and a few other furniture items, pose items, jewelry, make up and hair. 

My favourite clothing items from the hunt can be seen in the above pictures. The brown leather jacket, earrings, make up, pink dress and brown dress were all free items. (White singlet and black jeans are models own.)

*I do not own either song.
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Video: Beyonce & Lady Gaga - Telephone
Music: As An Aquarius - Telephone (cover)

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